The Girl Who Followed Yume-Zen

There was once a poor orphan named Yuuki who had only experienced hardship and pain in her life. She had grown quite despondent with things as they were, and yearned to be happy. There was a blind woman who lived next door to Yuuki’s orphanage, who saw her sad face, and told her about a […]

What lies in Hearts

There was once a land for witches and warlocks that was destroyed by an unforeseen violent flood. Those who survived left the unsalvageable land; they journeyed until they reached land that was inhabited by humans’. Yet, after settling in the humans’ land, the witches and warlocks were killed for practicing magic; and after many years […]

The Sea-Girl and the Brute

Once upon a time, lived a beautiful girl who sailed the seas with her father. She had spent her whole life living aboard her father’s ship and knew of no other life. As a young woman she was comfortable among the seas but grew curious about the world beyond. Things changed for her one night, […]

The Love Within a Werehyena

Once upon a time, there lived a large tribe of werehyenas. The creatures had hairy human bodies, large violet eyes, long teeth, prominent noses, and growly voices. They walked like humans, but when they ran, they galloped on all fours like wolves. These animals were almost as tall as trees, and they were strong and […]